How to Subscribe

  • 1. Choose your products

    Regular flow? Heavy Flow? Menstrual cramps?

    Select the Enya you need.

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    2. Choose your quantity

    For each subscription product, you decide how many boxes/packs you normally use for your menstrual cycle!

  • 3. Set your subscription

    Adjust your delivery frequency, whether to receive your period products either in 15 days, 30 days & 45 days - You decide!

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Discreet and convenient

Deliveries arrive in our eco-friendly corrugated box or a discreet packaging right to your door. No more late night runs to the pharmacy or convenient stores!

Skip or cancel anytime

Convenience is key. Subscription means we will auto-bill your card based on the delivery frequency selected. Alternatively you can skip or cancel your subscription anytime, anywhere. Just log onto your account and you'll be able to manage your orders!

No commitments

No subscription fees, no long-term commitments. We make it easy to skip or cancel directly online without penalties.

Simply log onto your account and manage your subscription!