The Truth About Period Odour

The Truth About Period Odour

As if the mood swings, breakouts and cramps weren’t enough of a statement… There’s also that first whiff you get when changing your pads. We've got you! This is a guide to decode what your period odour is telling you.

Metallic & Copper-like

    Periods usually smell metallic due to the iron content in our blood. There should not be any concerns if your period smells this way. Approaching the end of your period, the metallic smell will definitely be less pungent. In this case, scented pads wouldn't also be the best idea because the chemicals will throw off your vaginals flora (your good bacteria) and possibly cause yeast infection. 

    jar of coins indicating metallic copper-like smell


    The smell we’re referring to smells a lot more like decomposing fish. NOT kidding. Rotting fish produces a compound called trimethylamine, which is also found in abnormal vaginal odours. Unfortunately, a fishy smell is often a red flag whether you’re menstruating or not because it points to an underlying medical problem. The good news is, these medical conditions are curable! Whether it may be bacterial vaginosis (BV) or trichomoniasis, prescription of antibiotics will reduce the symptoms and treat it. However, it is best to revert to a professional to rule out other causes especially if it is your first time.

    decomposing fish giving out fishy smell


    This one is rarely a great cause to worry. The strong ‘rotten’ smell is usually a sign that you’ve worn a pad or a tampon for too long… It is best to replace your pad/tampon every 4-8 hours or whenever it feels comfortable as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists. If you feel more comfortable changing your pads every time you urinate, then that’s fine too!

    The truth is : With or without your period, every vagina has a smell. The pH of a healthy vagina is slightly acidic (thanks to the Lactobacili), so it should generally smell tangy. With all the guilt-tripping marketing that tells you to smell floral and fruity down there, allow us to remind you that each vagina has a unique scent! What you eat, wear and how you live daily also plays a role on how you smell. On that note, people cannot smell your blood while menstruating nor can they smell your discharge unless they’re getting really close to your vulva. However, exceptions may be valid if you live with a family of vampires….? 

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