"Why Should I Make The Switch To Organic Cotton?"

"Why Should I Make The Switch To Organic Cotton?"

How inorganic cotton affects us:

As many of you guys know, most of our pads whether it's a regular/organic type, are made from cotton. Using inorganic cotton means you are exposing your most intimate parts with harmful chemicals called dioxinsDioxins are a group of highly toxic chemical compounds and are notorious for being harmful to health, i.e reproduction problems and disrupting hormones that can potentially lead to cancer. 

This isn't to scare you guys away, but you should know what comes in contact with your skin, am I right?

Dioxins aren't the only chemicals to put us at risk, but many commercial sanitary products also contain pesticides, chlorine, rayon and fragrances which are prone to irritate our skin. We not only put our skin and bodies at risk, but a direct exposure to such chemicals will affect our environment in a negative way.

Environmental benefits of organic cotton:

For our beloved environment, organic cotton is grown using techniques that save significant amounts of water - a life cycle analysis found that organic cotton reduces water consumption by 91% compared to conventionally grown cotton, according to the Soil Association.

For our farmers livelihood, conventional cotton farmers are often binded by contracts which dictate the seeds they grow and the chemicals they spray on their land (cough dangerous chemicals cough). It is estimated that 77 million agricultural workers suffer from pesticide poisoning each year. Organic cotton farmers aren’t exposed to these risks because organic agriculture do not use chemical sprays or GM seeds – a win-win-win situation for farmers, the environment and consumers! Thus, organic cotton farming works to ensure that both farms and farmers are protected - from the impacts of the dangerous chemicals used as well as from the practices and processes on a daily basis.  

Price wise:

You've probably seen your conventional pads priced at a lower range as compared to organic cotton pads, but can you put a price on safety? Those extra few $$$ you pay is going to benefit SO MANY THINGS, from your body to the environment to farmers to future generations. Isn't this worth it?


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